(He himself made this page.)


He joined Mike Honcho's thanks to Ducky McFergus.

While he was there until the end, he did alot of funny/fucked up/idiotic bullshit.

At first, he was just one person who talked alot and was slightly annoying. Then, because he thought he was so funny, he doxxed someone on the server. After apologizing, he fucked up again later because he believed some bullshit Bonka told him. He then fucked around alot, had the world's most satanic microphone, and then made up some bullshit that he was bi because he wanted to be a special snowflake.

After MHC died, he became wiser, learned guitar from being inspired by Da Casu Cat/Hendrix/The Beatles, and fucked around on more servers. Then he quit Steam for awhile and came back to Steam. Then his computer died, so he uses public computers.

Now he's a regular again.

Oh and he makes shit on YouTube I guess.

"I'm a forgiving guy, really, I don't hate anyone. I may say it, but I usually don't mean it. You may hate me, and that's fine, but I do not despise anyone. I'm not a fucking Hindu, by the way" - Duck Pyro, 2016