Allows admins to print item messages to chat. There is possiblity to use this in comination with the give weapon plugin to print both a message saying you found a valve rocket launcher,  and actually equip a valve rocket launcher.

Here is the example used on the plugin's page:

Fakeitemmessage example

Admin Only CommandsEdit

Here are the commands, with most possible qualitys and methods. The item id 466 is The Maul and 1071 is the Gold Frying Pan, And you can find a up to date list for all your item index needs Here

Command <client> <item index> [quality] [method]
sm_fakeitem @me 466 Normal Found
sm_fakeitem @me 466 Genuine Craft
sm_fakeitem J-Man 1071 Strange Found
sm_fakeitem @me 466 Olive Trade
sm_fakeitem @me 466 Vintage Buy
sm_fakeitem @me 466 Orange Uncrate
sm_fakeitem @me 466 Unusual Gift
sm_fakeitem @me 466 Unique Earned
sm_fakeitem @me 466 Community Refund
sm_fakeitem @me 466 Valve Wrapped
sm_fakeitem @me 466 Selfmade Found
sm_fakeitem @me 466 Customized Haunted Found
Command <client> <method> <item text>
sm_fakeitem2 @me "Randomly Found on the ground" "Any custom text you want"
sm_fakeitem2 J-Man Found "Non-Golden Frying Pan"
sm_fakeitem2 @me Trade "Valve Rocket Launcher"
sm_fakeitem2 J-Man Gift "Robo Community Crate"

The item name will use the color of the last item found, or black if none have been found. If custom text is used, it must be inside quotes.