History Edit

Moss used to be a average player but somehow became a moderator on mikes with the peoples support. He also likes to be a asshole in a good way. Due to his staff position on mike honchos, he was granted Admin on Kartland.

Personality Edit

Nice personality and is also likes to tell puns sometimes he also likes to pull pranks just for fun

As a Admin Edit

Most of the time he doesnt use his powers unless needed or hes on break

Friends Edit

He had made countless friends over the course of eight months some of which are his best buddies.

Casho Cashmont Edit

Casho is a good friend of moss.the both of them like to pull pranks on each other just for fun.

SoulCrusher Edit

also a good friend of moss the both of them also like to pull pranks on each other.

JanaTheHusky Edit

Introduced by Soul by being added to a random skype call moss and jana became friends from there.

J-Man Edit

to be honest i dont really know what to say j-man and moss somehow became friends....dont ask how

Rictofen115 Edit

Rictofen and moss are good friends most of the time they are talking about rwby or playing games together

(btw rwby is a good show you should watch it)