''I have a axe and a dick. Only one of them are going into you tonight.'' -TheNixedOne
TheNixedOne is a Party Honchos admin who was hired on December 8th, 2016. He goes on the server to start events sometimes or to go to an event. Most of the events he starts are Kart Races on the map Big City. He is commonly seen at Big City creating the race for an event using props. He is friends with J-Man. He doesn't commonly play TF2 thats not Party Honchos. His mascot is the Noitis.

Personality Edit

Most about him is kinda mysterious. He is known to have autism and ADHD. He sometimes expects perfection of himself. He is sometimes a clown. Sometimes he gets angry when he feels like he is being interrupted or something is going terribly wrong. He is also sometimes protective, but this is rare. He is usually playing games like VVVVVV or Minecraft, either to play something that is a challenge to him or to make things that would make minecraft parkour experts go insane. His one goal is to become the best person he can be... and get his hands on the best pyro loadout.

History Edit

TheNixedOne was originally a cancerous idiot at a random server, he wasn't called TheNixedOne though, he was originally called King Nether. He changed his shit up however when he fucked up over, and over and over. There he met J-Man for the first time. Tired of going on the server because he had a pretty bad reputation, he decided to start over and went on another server. His name was Quietus and only played as demoknight on a medieval server. Later, he joined ProbablyAServer where he changed his name to One. He played around with the axtinguisher for a long time. He then became a pyro main and actually started playing the game. He soon found a mexican kid and asked J-Man to get the kid angry. After that, he changed his name to TheNixedOne. Where he would soon find out about Party Honchos. He made his first race with J-Man, which can be seen at [ Tales of Big City] and then after that, he became admin on December 8th, 2016. And thats how we got TheNixedOne we all know and love today.

Trivia Edit

  • He has 106% on Super Meat Boy
  • He is the highest steam leveled admin of Block Party as of 12/31/2016. He is level 60.
  • His mascot was created in the game Spore.
  • He owns 2 Pyro Unusuals as of 12/31/2016.
  • He hasn't done a face reveal, nor would he ever plan to.
  • He owns a discord server and a TF2 server (not Party Honchos)
  • His highest WPM that has been recorded is 101.
  • He and Skleeck do not get along together. To TheNixedOne just being a plain dick to Skleeck.
  • He hates Coffee, he finds it too bitter.